I want to get my crush a valentine gift but I'm broke.

It sounds cheesy AF, but mixtapes are awesome- as long as they’re not all sappy songs. (AVOID THE TRACK “PUPPY LOVE.”)  Try to put in some songs that are awesome musically and lyrically- Like “Friday I’m Love” by The Cure. 
Other things you could do is take them out for cheap fast food. (Or Chipotle, if someone took me to Chipotle I’d fall in love with them over my veggie burrito.)
Other cheap gifts are homemade anything- brownies, cake, chocolate covered strawberries.
You could also invite them over for a movie night- my local library has movies you can check out for a week for free, so that’s free fun.
Or you could just make a cute card.

Depending on a lot things like how frequently you’ve talked to this crush, your actual relationship with this crush (e.g. friends, strangers, blah blah blah) you should pick a gift out that would be appropriate and not creepy. If you’ve never talked to them before you shouldn’t show up at their front door with a mixtape- that’s creepy.

I don't want to be forever alone anymore

Good for you! You’ve taken the first step in securing a mate. Unfortunately, that’s the easiest bit. The next step is finding someone who you find attractive both physically and mentally. Chances are, it’s not going to happen really quickly. After you’ve found someone you have to tell them that you like them.
One of two things can then happen- they like you romantically! HUZAAH! You may continue. OR they have no romantic interest in you- this despite your initial reaction is AWESOME because it means you can stop wanting to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you romantically. Now you can go back to the drawing board to find someone even better.
If you’re like me and have what I like to call “The Princess Complex” (meaning you are waiting for the other person to make the first move) stop it. This is the 21st century where everyone is equal regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever else  (regardless of what republicans say, those fuckers).
Cool, you’ve now asked someone out- now comes the date planning part. Don’t go to a movie- that’s my personal first date advice, you’ve not going to get to know this person romantically at a movie. (Especially, if you’re like me and study movies.) Pick a date setting in which you can talk to each other. Don’t stress about it too much 99% of first dates suck- okay I made up that number but most first dates suck.
So now you have to go on the date. And once the date is over you can decide if you’d like to go on another date or not. If yes, you would like to go on another date call that person up on the phone and tell them. If not, you should probably let them know so you don’t lead them on. Then go back to the drawing board.

It’s really this easy from a logical stand-point, however when emotions come into play things don’t always play out logically- and that’s okay. Just don’t stress out about it too much.
Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine in the dating world.
ALSO, don’t rush into anything just because you’re ready to not be forever alone.

Spending Valentine's day alone. HALP

I recommend to you this video. 

As for me, I will not be going to any anti-valentine’s day parties- I will be trying to score some Chipotle and continue studying films (my film will not be a chickflick). I might rewatch Hugo. I think that’s an excellent way to spend they day however most people I know would not agree, so you should do something that you like.

He- asks if you want the D

You- tell him you already got it, then whip out your bottle of Sunny D.


He- asks “Why do you have ALL of the Twilight Movies?”

You- confess your addiction to Taylor Lautner’s abs. 

why AREN'T you and alaina friends no more? > o <

In short form:

We both grew as people and our values changed priority levels, so we drifted apart. We found new people who fit our top values better and I think our lives are both better now.

In long form:

Well, we drifted away, both of us moved onto college (for me it’s High school college BUT STILL COLLEGE), met new people, and made new friends. We both changed. 

Our drift was mostly caused by distance, then other issues (which I’d rather not talk about on tumblr), and before I knew it we were communicating through a mutual friend.

Our adventure together is over, which doesn’t bother me at all. We’ve both have different adventures of our own to go through, with or without new friends, but not with each other. 

Change is not always good, but this time it is.


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